"Later she remembered all the hours of the afternoon as happy — one of those uneventful times that seem at the moment only a link between past and future pleasure, but turn out to have been the pleasure itself."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is The Night 

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"Water’s warm as a kettle steam, Sally Carrol. Wanta go swimmin’?”
“Hate to move,” sighed Sally Carrol lazily, “but I reckon so."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, from The Ice Palace 

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"I exist. It’s sweet, so sweet, so slow. And light: you’d think it floated all by itself. It stirs. It brushes by me, melts and vanishes. Gently, gently. There is bubbling water in my mouth. I swallow. It slides down my throat, it caresses me - and now it comes up again into my mouth. For ever shall I have a little pool of whitish water in my mouth - lying low - grazing my tongue. And this pool is still me. And the tongue. And the throat is me."
- Nausea, Jean-Paul Sartre 

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"On the southwest side of Capri
we found a little unknown grotto
where no people were and we
entered it completely
and let our bodies lose all
their loneliness."
- "The Nude Swim," Anne Sexton (via commovente)

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"I wish I had the courage not to fight and doubt everything. I wish, just once, I could say: ‘This. This is good enough.’"
- Chuck Palahniuk 

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"The flesh covers the bone and they put a mind in there and sometimes a soul, and the women break vases against the walls and the men drink too much and nobody finds the one. But keep looking, crawling in and out of beds. Flesh covers the bone and the flesh searches for more than flesh."
- Alone With Everybody, Charles Bukowski 

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"A man dumps the body of a girl in a ditch. The body rots, melts into slime. Flowers pop up where the body lies, seeds fly out of the flowers, and a bee sucks the flowers and makes honey. And the family of the girl buys the honey from the store, and the family eats the girl."
- The Tracey Fragments (2007)

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